Speaking Topics for Corporate and Organization Events


  • Diversity and Sensitivity: Expand individual and organizational success by embracing the uniqueness of employees, clients and prospects
  • Work/Life Balance: Encourage employees to find happiness and fulfillment in the workplace and life beyond
  • Client Development: Address the importance of expanding business development to embrace changing demographics
  • Team Motivation: Work more effectively with team members, particularly those with little in common
  • Financial Planning: Explore options for investment and retirement planning at the executive level and for employees


Deborah holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, minor in Communication; Master’s Degree in Organization and Management; and is well on her way to completing a PhD in Leadership. She holds several professional designations in the financial arena.

Further, Deborah specializes in diversity and sensitivity, client development, and employee motivation. She helps corporations and organizations expand their business development to meet the changing demographics of society. She also advises in the realm of asset growth and retirement planning for management and employees.


Contact Deborah:

(478) 719-0881


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