Deborah Hightower has helped others find the spark to fuel future success. She has had the honor of speaking to audiences at organizations, such as Georgia College, University of Denver, Faith Travel, Miss South Carolina Beauty and Scholarship Pageants, Mercer University, Georgia Southern University, Cherry Blossom International and many others. She also speaks at women’s conferences, couples’ retreats, and fundraising functions.

Speaking Topics

 If the Stiletto Fits, Wear It

In this tongue-in-cheek topic, Deborah explores the many “shoes” that women wear as they maneuver life as a wife, mom, friend, daughter, sister, career woman…the list goes on. She addresses the issues that come along with each one and how not to get lost in the shuffle.

Microaggression: How to Deal

By interactive design, Deborah defines microaggression and provides tools to appropriately deal with facing the aggression. She helps participants recognize their own biases and explore how to reduce the likelihood of being a deliverer of microaggression. This topic is purposed to encourage an environment of inclusivity and equity while addressing pertinent issues that often separate and divide.

Why Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Must Be a Top Priority

As the workplace continues to evolve, it is more important than ever to address the multi-generational and cultural evolution challenges. This topic addresses the ‘why’ behind this priority and how knowing the ‘why’ will have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Leading a Multi-generational Team

From baby boomers to millennials, this seminar addresses leadership and followship in the workplace. Key points regarding the differences in philosophies conferencing work, life, success, values and behaviors are presented. Designed to take the strengths of each population and make it work for the good of the team.

Poised, Prepared and in HOT Pursuit™ of Success

Learn how to be poised (composed, dignified and self-assured), prepared (properly expectant, organized and equipped) for the pursuit (to gain and attain) of your success. An excellent course for managers and employees as preparation for next-level success.

You are the Brand

From CEO to managers to employees, the Brand is represented by the work produced and presented. This empowering course outlines how everyone plays a role in the success (or lack thereof) of the company.


Let these highly energetic and dynamic topics energize and propel your audience to new heights! Other topics are available upon request. Deborah welcomes the opportunity to discuss particulars.

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