Who says you can’t work and play, at the same time? Many have been taught, first we work…then we play. Play time is usually the part that gets cut if time runs short. However, I believe cutting play time can disengage us from work and turn it into drudgery.

A change of scenery does wonders for the creative juices, as does a little playtime.  A work and play get-away may be just the thing you need to get back on track for deadlines. Check out these Dos and Don’ts:

Do designate a time to work and a time to play. Set a schedule so the goal is accomplished in the allotted amount of time. Schedule rest and time to let your mind wander. Creativity will organically happen if you let it.

Don’t feel guilty about said time above.  Wasting time feeling guilty uses mind and body resources that could be spent on productivity that moves you along the continuum of success. Live in the fullness of each moment – both the work and play part.

Do start with a list of what you need to accomplish. Spread the tasks over the days away. If you feel more engaged and productive in the mornings, pound out the task early. If you’re a night owl, play first and then work.  Didn’t finish? Leave it and come back to it the next day – or before, if inspiration really hits.

Don’t think you must cross the seas or go to the ends of the earth to get away. One city over could be just as productive. Plus, you’ll spend less time and money getting there. Consider checking into a posh hotel with great amenities and views.

Do make sure your travel partner (if any) is on the same page regarding fun time, work time and alone time. If you prefer to go it alone, communicate it early in the planning process so feelings aren’t hurt.

Don’t stress over something that didn’t go as planned, such as a traffic jam, unfriendly attendant or unengaged waiter. Chalk it up and move on.

Do embrace the adventure and beauty around you. Absorb the atmosphere. Breathe. You’ll be better for it!