Fashion fades, style is eternal.  ~Yves Saint Laurent


Don’t you just love it when a woman steps into a space and commands attention? Not in a look-at-me-now way but rather with an aura of confidence, certainty and ease. You love the way their personal presentation represents!

Stylish women always do this…

Embrace fashionable and trendy outfits… but only to the extent that it works for their age, body type, and style. Let’s face it – fab is FAB! However, some fab outfits belong on bodies under the age of 20. Stylish gals (and guys) know when to say when… and wear fab outfits in their own category of fab!

Spend wisely. Fabulous women budget their clothing allowance and allocate the most to basic foundation pieces. Then, they add on fun blouses, sweaters, scarfs and jewelry. They invest in good shoes and handbags and keep them in good repair. Doing so builds their closet quickly and gives it longevity. Black pumps do not go out of style and smart women buy the best they can afford.

Dress in outfits tailored to their body shape and put thought into selection and purchase.  These ladies focus on accentuating their favorite body part. Got great legs? Flaunt them. A curvy hourglass shape? Belt it! Love your arms? Go sleeveless.

Wear the right underpinnings.  Beautiful stylistas pay as much attention to their underwear as outwear. Panty lines and ill-fitting bras are always avoided. They know how and when to spanx it, tuck it and rein it in. Hosiery, whether nylons or tights, are up-to-date in style and never show signs of over wear.

Store their beautiful flocks on proper shelves and hang on padded hangers. They always launder properly and never throw clothes in the chair or on the floor.  Even with limited storage space, the stylish find a way to take care of their items. Shoes are stuffed and stored in their respective boxes, rather than kicked off in the bottom of the closet. Jackets are buttoned and hung on padded hangers. Sweaters are folded. Dresses are zipped and hung on the right hanger.

Keep never-go-out-of-style pieces. Leather jackets, trench coats, white button-downs, skinny black slacks, and the like always have a place in the stylish woman’s wardrobe. Pay special attention to quality. These items are worth a premium price.  Take special care when laundering these classics and enjoy them for years.

Know exactly how to add a punch! Stylish friend girls know how to add a punch of bold color! They add scarfs, belts, jackets and shoes that add a POW to the outfit. Perhaps it’s about teaming up stripes and stripes or florals. Go bold or go home!

Dress for themselves. Stylish women know this style fact: “when you look good and feel good…you do good!” Mojo is a secret to success! A beautiful frock does wonders for confidence. Stilettos add oomph to your take-over-the-room-strut.  Fashion is a form of self-expression and they wear it well!

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